Origin Stories


The Origin of the Comanche Indian

  Native Americans have origin stories or legends, as the Native Americans call them, about their land and their background. Each story tells about their climate, geography, culture history. The Comanche Indians of present day Oklahoma tell a story about how one spring can be so important for tribe that the only way to save that water or take it away is by murdering. This story is influenced by many people but also tells about how the culture, climate and geography can bring a whole origin story together.

The Comanche Indians created an origin story that dates back to many years. It is called The Legend of the Manitous Springs. Many times in this story it explains how the geography of the Comanche culture really relies on water. The geography of Oklahoma is dry, flat land and no water. The story tells how two Indians fight about drinking out of one end of the water and why one tribe could drink from the higher level and the other could not. At the beginning of the story it tells how the geography brought the culture together. Throughout the story it tells of a deeper message. The springs were very scared to them and if they lost it there would be no water for them. This tells that the land was so dry that when you find the water you have to keep that water for everything. Geography is a big part of this story and tells how the land was for that time.

   The climate of the story was not told but if you read deeper into the story you were able to find a climate and how it was from day to day. During the story it was winter time and very cold. Many times this can show how seasons were apart of bring a story together. The seasons of the year can show the change of a culture in this story it shows how one resource is very important to a culture more than another. The winter in Oklahoma is very cold but the sun shines just as bright as it does in the summer. The Comanche origin story brings many examples of how the climate can be important for a culture. For example it talks about the water was nice in cool and also because it was so cool pipes were smoked. The climate in this story may be a hard thing to explain but reading the clues can bring it all together.

   This story offers many clues about the culture. Many Comanche names are used and tribes are introduced to you while reading the origin legend. When I read the story I had to look up the names of the people and tribes to see exactly what they meant. Many were of the Comanche decent and let me understand why many things happen in the story. For example the Shoshone is mentioned in the story as a tribe that the Comanche made war with. Understanding this help me learn that if you were not a Comanche Indian you were not to drink of the water. The Comanche Indians show that they are a close tribe that comes together and never lets anything or anyone to get in their way. Culture is one of the largest parts of this story.

   In conclusion The Legend of the Manitous Springs brings all of the Comanche Indian culture together and also shows how you the climate and geography help make this story complete. The influence of the geography and climate in the story show the nature or agriculture of the Comanche people. The culture is the largest part of the origin story and brings the culture together. Origin stories are very important to a culture and without them we would never know the history of anything.


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