Reflective Essay

Many of the things in this class have helped me to learn a lot. Dr, K has taught me many things. The papers I have wrote in the past were not well written like the ones in this class, Many of the papers I have wrote did not include things like footnotes or citing the information. I also learned about punctuations from Dr. K. In one class she used my friend and I as an example for punctuations. The way she used examples helped me look at things different. My papers had better punctuations. She also taught me how to look up information on Google. She really helped me with pin pointing information for one certain thing on my paper. This class has really helped me with my papers. I have learned many tricks that have helped and I believe my papers are much better.  

The Wise program is a great program and it has really turned my paper writing around. Dr. K makes sure that your papers are great and that you have what you need in your paper. Sometimes you can go to her office and she will walk you step by step through your paper. She even tells you what you need to do better when you are writing your paper, She help me turn one of my papers to an A paper just by rewriting the words and taking out information that is not needed. I love the wise program and I am willing and happy to continue it next semester.


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