Reflective Essay

Shatondra Caldwell

English WISE 106

Dr. K

Reflective Essay




Reflective Essay


In English WISE 106 I learned many things. And also throughout the years I have learned a lot. My writing before I joined the WISE program was great. I got a lot of A’s and on my papers and learned a lot of things in my regular English class. When I was in the WISE class this year I felt like I did not learn much about writing papers but I did learn more about citation styles. I learned more about CMS and MLA style. The slave paper I wrote was my favorite paper because I liked my slave. Amanda Smith was a great woman and I could write my paper on her forever.

The most significant thing I learned in this class was the slave narratives. I learned that certain slaves wrote about their lives as slaves and how they fought for their freedom and sometimes their lives. Sally Hemmings was very interesting she was the mistress of president Thomas Jefferson. I think this will help me in the future because these slave’s stories is history that I need to know. I enjoyed this class this semester and enjoyed Dr. K also.


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