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Ancient China had many leaders that lead China back to a civilized state, but if I had to assume a role as one leader it would be Confucius.  Confucius’s ideas included education, morality, leadership and family. These ideas would be implied in my role as a leader. Just like Confucius I would have five basic relationships that help bring back respect and order.  The basic relationships included ruler to minister, father to son, and husband to wife.  Having respect for the people who are head of your country is what brings the people together in law. There should also be order and as leader everything should be in order and if it is not then turmoil is the conclusion. In my country I would consider Confucianism as a religion because it would benefit the people of my country to practice a new way of respect. Like Confucius I would want to return to virtue, humanity and love. In conclusion as a leader Confucianism would keep my country on top and spread throughout the world with it message of respect and order.

Medea Blog!

The Medea written by Euripides is a playwright focusing on the difficulties a woman faces.  Medea is a strong woman who has a mind of her own. In the playwright she killed her own brother and also killed the king, his daughter and her own sons. You rarely hear about women especially women in the fifth century BCE killing. But Medea did and had no sympathy for them. In the selection from Medea, in the reader, she talks about how the women of ancient Greece had to live and face the difficulties.  She explains that when you are married you have no say in your life. Also she has no power unless she has learned it at home. This means the women are only strong in the household and with the children. Medea was the first I believe to be a woman of her own. She wants independence and wants to think for herself. Popular culture now uses Medea as a strong women figure. I believe women now like to see a Medea in pop culture because we have worked so hard to show the world that women are just as independent as any other man. Medea is what women are today. In conclusion, Medea will continue to be a part of pop culture because her strong and independent mind that every woman loves.

Black Athena  November 7, 2010

Black Athena: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece is a movie about the controversy about Black Athena. Martin Bernal argues his opinion how ancient Greece has many influences of the African culture. Many of his findings and cites do explain many of the languages and cultural ideas the Greeks had. But many other people do not believe his opinion. Some find that he is using incorrect information and his history is mixed up. One historian explains that he does not believe Professor Bernal’s finds his own cases. I view this Black Athena concept to be true. Bernal’s argument is supported by his evidence and countless research. In conclusion the story of Black Athena continues to be a trending topic throughout schools and the world.    

Religion Blog

My religion is called ipodism. We worship ipods. Are geographic origin starts in California. The sacred text is the ipod manual and explains how it works. To be apart of this religion you must have at least two ipods. You must also keep at least one case for the ipod. To have more converts we use commericals and facebook. Most people are invited to come in to the religion by a way of invitation to a party. Are hoildays include ipod founders day which is in October. You must listen to your ipod for two hours a day everyday and you must upgrade to a new ipod every year. ipodism is the new religion of the world.

World up to 1500

The world at 1500 is a world of new inventions, new religions and new government systems. The world is becoming a world of new beginnings. Each country had their own part in making the world what it is now. And within each country there were people from and up to the 1500 that were involved in making the world interesting and powerful. Starting with the Neolithic and Paleolithic culture in 2,500,000-2500 B.C.E. There was live stock, tools and human development developing. There was also a beginning of agriculture; this would help the world all the way up to the 1500. Around 3000 C.E was the start of civilizations in West Asia and Africa. One of the first civilizations was Mesopotamia. Royal families and hierarchs were a part of the early civilizations like Egypt. Within the 2000- 1000 C.E China involved and became one of the top countries and most advanced in its time. Different religions involved from China including Confucianism and Legalism. Religion is a huge part of the world at this time. It lets the countries or the people express their selves and bring peace to their countries.  During 500-1500 C.E Greece and Rome came to power. Greece made advancements in tools, food and education. Many great philosophers came out of this country and helped change the world. There were also kingdoms and empires such as Ghana and Mali. These countries were called the kingdom of gold and salt. The world at 1500 was a world involving to a better one and with all of the new ideas and inventions this world is going to grow.


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  1. scaldwell1
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 20:45:22

    Blog answer #2

    The Epic of Gilgamesh is a work of literature that is considered one of the most important for the Mesopotamian culture. Mesopotamia was the first to build and to define the word civilization. The civilizations include many parts like technology, social stratification and agriculture. The Epic of Gilgamesh show many examples of natural environmental occurrences including floods. Within this story they were caught in a storm while they were on a boat and this could be a part of their religion. The Mesopotamians are polytheistic and believe in many gods. The god enit is the storm god. Many Mesopotamians believed that if you prayed to this god there would be storms. So when it rained they knew they god had come through and their crops and other things would be watered. In conclusion, The Epic of Gilgamesh have many details about the Mesopotamian culture and way of life.


  2. aunderwood
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 23:03:01

    This is very good. You do an excellent job of introducing and concluding the topic. Remember to add the time period. Overall, very strong strong. Continue writing along these lines.


  3. aunderwood
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 23:09:06

    Blog on China: You do a nice job of explaining Confucianism but remember that he was never a leader. Be specific with your terms. What if people do not adhere to this level of respect? Be prepared to support your ideas. Edit and proofread much more closely.

    Blog on Medea: This is very good. You do an excellent job explaining the time period and adding analysis. Remember to edit and proofread closely. Don’t be afraid to directly address the legacy of patriarchy and the debate on contemporary gender equality. Very good.


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