Reflective Essay

Shatondra Caldwell

CHIS 201

December 3, 2010

My experience in CHIS 201, “United States, African and the World I” was an eye opening one. I learned things that I did not knew existed and I met a professor who was passionate about her teaching. I walked into class wanted to learn more about the world around me but came out learning about the world and how it made civilizations, governments and trade circles. This class has taught me about opening your eyes to a whole different world and era.

I learned many things from the assignments we had. With the reading selections in the book I learned about different religions and different historical text. I looked in to the world of Muslim’s and Christian’s and compared the selections from Gardens of the Righteous and the Gospel of Saint Matthew. There were so many comparisons to both texts that made the class think about how both religions were alike in their values and laws. Also the lectures that Professor Underwood gave during class helped make the writing of blogs and essays easier. The lectures explained many of the cultures and empires in-depth. We learned why traders traded and who the traded to. Many of my notes helped me in forming blog answers and even sometimes a thesis for my essay. WordPress was one of the sites we used to turn in our blogs and sometimes papers. I liked the technology we used included this site. The technology was a big help because I was able to see when assignments were due and what the professor wanted on the assignment. The blogs were also a great way to express yourself on a different topic. The blog on Medea was a great blog that looked into this character and why she is still used today. She was a strong woman that held her own and many of the women today are just like her. Many of the assignments help me learn more about history up to 1500.

My essays let me explore different cultures like Greece and Egypt. I had many strengths and weakness that occurred writing my essays. Some weaknesses include finding or starting a thesis statement. I had a hard time structuring a thesis statement that introduced my paper. My strengths include finding research for the paper and actually writing the paper. My research for the essays included websites, notes and our history books. Most of my research helped me make a good quality paper that had information that explained my topic. Cultural Analysis paper took a look at Greek philosophers and where their ways of thinking developed. I researched a lot about the philosophers and how they thought. My civilization paper took us through the civilization of Egypt. Many of the research I used in both of these papers were well enhanced with great information that I could use. My essay papers help make me take a deeper look into the society of Greek and Egyptian culture.  

In conclusion this class helped in learning the world up to the 1500s. I learned how to take one thing and break it down in to twenty things. Some information I learned actually helped me with the world today. Bringing the things back into remembrance is one thing that this class does for you. Most of the technology we use including wordpress also helps with the learning process. The essays also helped with going deeper into the history. This class I believed has prepared me for the next semester and I will keep this historical information with me for the next four years of my matriculation at Clark Atlanta University.


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  1. aunderwood
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 00:28:19

    This is a good reflective essay. I look forward to working with you next semeter.


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