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The Atlantic World is a huge part of the new world. New countries and lands were found and historical figures gave us a vision of this new Atlantic World. The new world starts in the 16th century with the Renaissance and exploration. In 1692, Columbus sailed the ocean blue in hence for Asia but found a new country. North America was the conclusion of his exploration.  Also throughout the 16th century there was a Protest Reformation with Martin Luther. Luther, in 1517, wrote the 95 Thesis which lead to the new type of Christianity, Protestantism. Within the 17th century witch craft and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade gave way. The Trans Atlantic Slave trade was the start of the slave movement throughout the world. Many slaves were Africans but other slaves included indentured whites and American Indians.  The Salem Witch craft cases were also a huge part of the 17th century. People were accused of being witches or usage of witch craft. In the 18th century there was a Revolution. Many people used the words like liberty, independence and freedom. The 19th century brought us the modern period. There was imperialism and industrialism. Nationalism was also a big part. Americans had pride for their country and their sense of the nation was bigger than ever during the 1800s. The 20th century was the century where rights, wars and new laws were introduced. 1900s included many wars like World War 1 and 2. And in 1945 America introduced its first atomic weapon. The Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights movement were movements for African Americans. Cars, TVs and cinemas were invented during the 1900s also. In conclusion, The Atlantic World is a world with new inventions, lands and new visions for the world. Without this history we as a world would be nothing.

Blog #2

Imperialism is the process of another dominant country of economic and political power taking over another country for their own use. The United States in the 20th century was at its prime and was making a storm throughout the world. So I do believe that the U.S. was an imperialism nation. After the war of 1898 the U.S. stood on the threshold of great-power status. The average U.S. resident was living on the same status as British residents. The Untied States used it seas and oceans to their advantage. They went over these oceans to different countries and collected raw materials, consumer products, and markets. Theodore Roosevelt a known imperialist helped take control of the Caribbean with a war with Spain. The U.S. defeated Spain and forced them to give up Cuba and Puerto Rico. With this great power the U.S. now had a powerful navy. In 1903 the U.S. supported Panama in a separatist movement. Once Panama was free they granted the U.S. the right to complete a canal once started by a French company. The canal is now called the Panama Canal. If you could say anything the U.S. was expanding and becoming an even more powerful imperialism nation. The U.S., by 1913, increased its trade and investment in Latin American. The U.S. displaced Great Britain as the leading exporter in Latin American. The U.S. even expanded in Asia. They proposed an open door policy with China so that they can maintain their share of the China trade. The U.S. I believed was the biggest imperialist nation. Many of these examples explain why the U.S. is imperialist. Now in the 21st century I still believe that the Untied States is imperialist because we still trade with China and help out with many countries in troubling times like the tsunami in Japan or the earthquake in Haiti. We are still one the largest countries in the world and I believe we will continue to be.

Music Blog

“Skinhead deadhead everybody gone bad” are the first words to Michael Jackson’s 1996 hit They Don’t Care About Us. The lyrics to MJ song are harsh but tell a story. Michael explains in his song point blank period the government does not care about its people. Throughout his song he says that this world is exactly the same for African Americans. We as a culture are still fighting for our rights. In one verse Michael explains that some things in life people do not want to see but if Martin Luther King was alive he would not let this be. In the 90s, the African American men were fighting for equality and had a Million Man March. Michael Jackson made this song a year after the march. I believe that MJ made this song to tell everyone worldwide that America is not what it seems. MJ is such an international artist that he got the message to everyone. This song had a message that made people stand up and listen. They Don’t Care About Us has a important message for America and the world.


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  1. aunderwood
    May 09, 2011 @ 13:27:54

    These blogs are very good. Remember to introduce and conclude the topic to the reader. Good use of details in the blog on American imperialism.


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