Reflective Essay


Shatondra Caldwell


Professor Underwood

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

In CHIS 202 WISE I learned many things from the history of the reformation of Martin Luther to the Civil Rights Movement. Professor Underwood taught me new things about the history that I never knew. The assignments, quizzes, and papers were all learning experiences.

The quizzes we took at the beginning of the semester help me get to know the information we learned in class better. I think that the quizzes help you quiz yourself on how much you pay attention or how well you take notes in class. The assignments that were assigned in class including the blogs were okay. The blogs made you think about the questions Professor Underwood asked for the blog. The music blog was my favorite blog I enjoyed talking about music that I enjoy. I choose Michael Jackson’s song “They Don’t Really Care About Us”. And I think that the students grading each other blogs is a great thing for students to interact with each student.

 The research paper that we had to write included the annotated bibliography, research proposal and the rough and final draft. The first thing we wrote was the annotated bibliography. I had a little bit of trouble with writing this bibliography because I could not find a lot of sources that were scholarly but I tried my best to do what I can. Then next the thing I wrote was the research proposal. That was easy because I knew what topic I was going to talk about and I was very excited about my topic. The rough draft was exactly what it was called rough. I knew that I would really have to take the time to read through Professor Underwood’s comments to get my final draft to be a perfect paper or at least an A paper.

I had a lot of strengths in this class this semester. My strengths include the blogs, revising papers and quizzes. I enjoy writing blogs and putting my own opinion to the blog. I revised a lot of papers this semester. Last semester I should have taken advantage of this opportunity earlier. My weak spots in history class include the research paper we had to write. I had trouble starting and finishing the paper.

In conclusion CHIS 202 WISE class was a very great class. I learned more things in history staring in the 20th century. I really enjoyed the class. The lectures were interesting and never dull. This class was great


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  1. aunderwood
    May 09, 2011 @ 13:29:26

    This is a good self-assessment. I hope you continue to take the time to revise your writing, as that what makes a more effective writer. I know you will flourish throughout the rest of your academic career.


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